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About Trainer X

Trainer-X – a new way of personal coaching in fitness industry.

Motions models application function – Trainer X system has a database of basic fitness exercises models, which has been created by professional physiotherapists, human motions scientists and fitness instructors for proper technique of fitness exercises execution, to prevent injuries and reach maximum effect of motion performance.


A subject managed by “motion - analysis - correction” principle based on:

  1. data taken from performed motion;

  2. live bio mechanical analysis and comparison with the motion model;

  3. online correction of exercise.


The real interactive coach is ready to help reaching the best results in personal fitness goals.

Be safe while training with Trainer X help.



  • Individualized monitoring of your performance;

The software will analyze your personal technique of fitness exercises execution, will track it to database and present a summary of your performance.


  • Optimized physical load;

Adding heart rate monitor function you will be noticed when your body is ready to start next exercise and when to finish.


  • Biomechanical analysis and correction of the motions;

Motions models application will be use to compare your real motion to the modeled one, for corrections needed to prevent from injury.


  • Constant online support and audio guidance.

Online audio support for performance improvement before, during and after exercise.


  • One time investment for long term personal coaching.

No more everyday payments for personal instructors, Trainer X is one time investment.


  • Enjoyable training process.

Motivation will grow up every hour you will spend with Trainer X. Lot of new and interesting information will be provided about how to reach better results in improvement of your health.

Meet Developers




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Serial entrepreneur & venture investor with a track record of building nine-figure companies from scratch and multiple exits. Currently chairs Nextury Ventures and invests in multiple high-tech areas such as 3D printing, fin tech, sharing economy, mobile and smart sports.


Mindaugas Balciunas

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PhD in Sports science, Professor at Worcester University (UK), owner of sport club SportHouse, wellness and sports start-up's developer.


Jevgenij Sorohan

Programmer and IT specialist.


Jevgenij Laurs

Engineer and physicist. Developer of startup’s.

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